Hermes 2010 Black Constance Belt sz70

Hermes Belt Ceintrure Reversible

Luxurious and incredible Hermès reversible belt called Constance and Made in France. The buckle can be changed with another buckle H (silver or gold) and you'll have thus many different belts matched with your  gilt or silvered jewels...Just fantastic and a great classic!
It's always possible to add a hole to get it smaller or larger and win at least  1.9685  inch or 5 cm. Don't miss it because it is a fabulous belt to use in many occasions! Plan ahead your gifts!

Brand : Hermes
Model : Reversible Constance H
Signature : Hermès - Paris - Made in France, E (square) 70  R
Composition : Plated  gold 24 k, Grained leather with ecru over stitching Size : 70   
With : 1.260 inches or  3,2 cm
Total length opened : 35.4330  inches or  85 cm
Perimeter smallest : 25.197 inches or  64 cm
Perimeter medium hole : 26.378 inches or  67 cm
Perimeter largest : 27.560 inches or 70 cm
Regulation : 3 holes
Palette : Black/Fauve
Box : No
Condition : Excellent, the leather strap is perfect, the gilt buckle H has some scratches only visible closely! Very nice as perfectly gilt!
Country: France
HERMES  Reversible Belt H, Sz70
Hermes Belt Ceintrure Reversible
HERMES  Reversible Belt H, Sz70
Hermes Belt Ceintrure Reversible