Chanel Black Green POured Glass Pendant Brooch gripoix

Chanel booch pendant cameila poued glass

Charming Chanel Pendant/Brooch Camelia sigled made with poured glass cabochons in different tonalities of green and black! The metal is lovely worked in aged silver, the back is niely decorated (see pic). Lovely jewel in its pochette you will use as a pendant or a brooch (the cord is not included).
Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Chanel
Model : Brooch/Pendant Camelia
Collection : xxxx 
Signature : Sigled
Composition : Poured glass/Aged Silver
Palette : Greens/black/Aged silver
Dimension :  2.362" x 1.968" or 6cm x 5cm
Box: No (pochette)
Sale : No
Condition : Excellent, looks unworn 
Manufacture : France

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