Hermes Art Deco Pocket Whisky Bottle

HERMES Art Deco Pocket Whisky Bottle, England!

Antique luxurious and rare Art Deco pocket bottle of Whisky Made in England for Hermès 
It will accompany you everywhere with its curved shape and will warm you during a hunting, an expedition in the north pole or a boring ceremony...Smart and elegant, it is a lovely collector's item with a superb patine!
Sorry for my pictures taken with the flash and not really representative of this nice patine of yesterday!
A marvelous gift...Don't miss it!

Brand : Hermes
Model : Pocket Bottle of Alcool
Circa : 40's-50's
Signature : Hermès Paris, Made in England
Composition : Plated silver (smooth and guillochee)
Palette : Silver
Dimension : 2.556 inches (w) x 3.150 inch (h) or 6,5 cm x 8 cm
Box : Yes (recent one!)
Condition : Very good condition, some scratched only visible closely or with a flash, a tiny blow on the convex side.

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