Hermes Huge Bottle Opener-Chaine D'ancre

hermes bottle opener chaine d'ancre silver

Luxurious bottle opener Decapsuleur Made in France by Hermès, model Chaîne D'Ancre
Superb objet, can be used as pendant or bracelet with a bolduc for instance and is very impressive!
A marvelous gift very decorative...Don't miss it!

Brand : Hermes
Model : Bottle-Opener/Pendant Chaine D'ancre
Signature : Hermès Paris, Made in France (hallmark)
Composition : Plated silver
Palette : Silver
Dimension : 2.756 inches x 1.772 inch or 7 cm x 4,5 cm
Box : No
Retail : EUR 385,00
Condition : Very good, unused but have some tiny scratches

hermes chaine d'ancre decapsuleur
hermes chaine d'ancre  bottle opener ouvre bouteille