Chaumet 2004 ABC "AIMER" White Gold Multigem Acrostics Bracelet, Box!


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Ravissant double chains 18K white gold bracelet, model ABC AIMER joined by an amethyst, a iolite, a white stone, a uvite and a rhodolite closed set, small pendant with diamonds, rectangular clasp..
Bijoux Acrostiches :
With its ABC collection, Chaumet brings up-to-date the highly popular acrostic jewelry under the reign of Napoleon I and reinvents the magic of the love letter. Set with precious and fine stones, the acrostics are read like a poem ... The sum of the first letter of the name of each stone that composes the jewel forms a word, a secret message, which only the initiates will share. AMOUR such as Amethyst, Morganite, Fire Opal, Uvite and Rhodolite. Launched in 2004, Chaumet enriches its collection with a brooch, a necklace and earrings.
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Brand : Chaumet
Issue : 2004 (sold out!)
Model : ABC --> AIMER
Collection : Bijoux Acrostiches
Retail : 4700 euros
Signature : Chaumet, numbered 941670
Length : 6.693" or 17cm
Weigth : 6,5 g 
Composition : 18K White Gold, Precous stones 
Palette : White, Red, Green, purple, Blue (pics taken with a flash).
Box : Yes 
Condition : Excellent
Country : France
Chaumet ABC AMOUR bracelet whit gold

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