Hermes 1993 Peintre du Cheval, Alfred Dedreux by Zoe Pauwels Twill 90, Mint!


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Superb vintage Hermes scarf, Made in France model Peintre du Cheval, Alfred Dedreux designed by Zoe Pauwels in 1993.
ALFRED DE DREUX (1810-1860)
As a child, Alfred De Dreux met Theodore Gericault, a close friend of his parents. As a young man, he was taken by his uncle to Gericault's studio. Like his master he became a passionate rider and successful painter of the upper equestrian society during the reigns of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III.
At his first Salon in 1831, De Dreux exhibited his scenes of horseworld and he continued his life long with the same fame. In 1841 he began a famous series of portraits of chevaux like the equestrian portrait of the Duke d'Orleans to the one of Napoleon III.
He also lived in England, where he accepted many commissions, his paintings reflecting English society's passion for horses and dogs and hunting.
He was also an engraver and his works were reproduced in lithographs.
The Caleche logo of Hermes is based on an engraving by De Dreux..
It will enjoy a collector of vintage scarves and painting, plan ahead your gifts, no xtra customs fees to pay!
Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : Peintre du Cheval, Alfred Dedreux
Artist : Zoe Pauwels
Issue : 1993
Note :
Signature : Hermès - Paris, Hermes@
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewn and rolled edges 
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Pastel (green, yellow, beige, Blue, ..)
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Condition : Mint
Box : No
Sale: No
Country: France

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