Hermes 2003 Fauve Crocodile Reversible Strap Belt 32mm Sz75, NIB with New buckle included!


1 piece in stock.

Luxurious and incredible Hermès reversible belt strap.You will have the possibility to choose your brand new buckle (classic gold or silver, Calandre sold or silver, guillochee, Quizz, ..) in our shop, just telll us after your purchase.

Buckles can be changed to match with your gilt or silvered jewels...Just fantastic and a great classic! It is always possible to add a hole to get it smaller or larger and win at least 1.9685 inch or 5 cm

Don't miss it, rare in this warm fauve palette! Plan ahead your gifts and regroup your purchases for free!


Brand : Hermes
Model : Reversible Constance H
Signature : Hermès - Paris - Made in France
Blind Stamp : G in a square
Issue : 2003
Estimated Retail : $2500
Composition : Crocodile/Box leather
Size : 75
With : 1.260 inches or 3,2 cm
Total length opened : 35.4330 inches or 90 cm
Perimeter smallest : 25.197 inches or 71 cm
Perimeter largest : 27.560 inches or 78,5 cm
Regulation : 4 holes
Palette : Fauve/Natural
Box : No
Condition : Unworn
Sale : No
Manufacture : France

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