Hermes 2004 Yellow "Impose ta Chance" Aphorisme by Valerie Dawlat Dumoulin Twill 90cm New!

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Lovely carre from Hemès scarf, model Impose ta chance in a lovely sunny palette!
"Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers ton risque.

A te regarder, ils s'habitueront."
Rene Char Char (June 14, 1907 – February 19, 1988) was a 20th century French poet). Char was born on L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in the Vaucluse department of France, he died in Paris. In 1929 he met Andre Breton and Paul eluard and joined the surrealist group but distanced himself gradually from the mid 1930s on. Char joined the Resistance in 1940.
Rene Char authored some twenty collections of poetry during his lifetime.

It is unused and will be fabulous during te summer on a tanned skin!

Autenticity Guaranteed
Brand : Hermès
Title : Impose ta Chance
Artist : Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin
Isssue: 2004
Notes :
Signature : Hermès - Paris, Hermes @ 
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewn and rolled edges
Care tag :  Yes
Palette : Jaune, Gis, Vert
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Box : Yes (not perfect, no silk paper)
Condition : Unworn
Country: France

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