Hermes 2008 Blue Pink Aux Portes du Palais by Christine Henry Twill 90, NIB!

Marvelous carre from Hemès, model Aux Portes du Palais by Christine Henry!
It is lovely, unused and will enjoy a fan! Incredible palette, very delicate mixing a lovely grey-blue, some pink, anis, and other fresh coloros! A dream!

Autenticity Guaranteed
Brand : Hermès
Title : Aux portes du palais
Artist : Christine Henry
Isssue : 2008
Notes :
Signature : Hermès - Paris, Hermes @ 
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewn and rolled edges
Care tag :  Yes
Palette : Bleu, Rose, Anis, Jaune, Mauve, Vert..
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Box : Yes
Condition : Unworn
Country: France

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