Hermes 2019 Pink Vibrant Pink Ink JUNGLE LOVE RAINBOW by Robert Dallet Twill 90, NWTIB!


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Superb palette for this amzing carren model Jungle Love Rainbow designed by Robert Dallet Christiane Vauzelles in 2019.

One of Robert Dallet’s most famous drawings, Jungle Love, is reinvented here with a colorful treatment that alters our perception of it. The design is over-printed with multicolored stripes, like a filter superimposed on this tender scene. Two powerful, sleek leopards approach and observe one another, playing out their courtship ritual under the permanently astonished, round-eyed gaze of a bushbaby nestled among the leaves. Surrounded by orchids, butterflies and birds, paradise flycatchers, bee-eaters, sunbirds and lovebirds, the scene is full of emotion.
Don't miss it, it is a model very luminous from a great artist!

Authenticity Guaranteed.

Brand : Hermès
Title : Jungle Love Rainbow
Artist : Robert Dallet
Isssue : 2019
Signature : Hermès - Paris ,  @Hermes
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewn and rolled edges 
Care tag :  Yes  (all)
Palette : Rose, Rose vif, Encre
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Box : Yes 
Condition : Unworn
Country : France

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