HERMES BRANDEBOURG Wool and Cashmere Blanket 140 x 180 cm

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Hermes Blanket in jacquard woven wool and cashmere (90% Merinos wool and 10% cashmere), Finished with blanket stitch, The design appears in negative on the back of the blanket, Designed by Caty Latham

Caty Latham's iconic design, created in 1972, features a dolman, a richly adorned jacket with braids and buttons – frog fasteners called "brandebourgs" in French – worn by officers of the Imperial Guard of Napoleon III. The design now comes in XXL in two colors on wool and cashmere woven Jacquard plaids and cushions. The weave shows a negative of the design on the reverse side of the plaid.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model : Plaid Brandebourg
Artist : Caty Latham
Composition : 90% Merinos Wool, 10% Cashmere
Dimension : 140 x 180 cm /  55 in x 570.87 in
Signature : Hermès - Paris
Care Tag : Yes
Palette : Etoupe, Brown, Cream
Box : No
Condition : Unused
Country : Scotland

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