Liz Malraux Design Black Leather Short "Croco Jacket" Sz36, Pur Luxe, Retail $3500, New!

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Incredible short leather jacket, model 'croco Jacket' in size 36 (please check measurements below), rond collar, thin and light to wear, for any season and occasion, day or night! Incredible work of leather with all its affixation of leather scales croco way! The leather skin used is also fantastic, very supple, the illusion is perfect! Very unsual, for a fan of fashion and luxe, first quality, made in Germany!

In 1987, Liz Malraux started up her business with her first collection of couture fashion. Since then she has accomplished her vision of an entire look to perfection. Liz Malraux’s collections are mostly small, exclusive series of handicraft, designed by herself and produced in her own studio.

The very special trademark of every of her collections is the “Crocojacket” with it’s fans all over the world. This masterpiece is a jacket, which is fully elastic, very comfortable and weightless and most of all: unique in design!

Liz Malraux creates most parts of her fashion with luxurious embroidery and affectionate details. Every embroidery on jackets, shirts, leatherbags and accessories is designed according to the seasonal theme of the whole collection Her credo: My fashion is art! Liz Malraux Couture is a garant of outstanding apparel and accessories, which combines innovative and creative design, luxurious materials and high quality standard of craftsmanship.
It comes in perfect condition, don't miss it, to be 'unique'! 
Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Liz Malraux Design
Collection : Couture
Retail : 2800 euros
Composition : 100% Nappaleather

Size  indicated : 36
  • Dimension between shoulders (calculated sraight) : 14.96"/38 cm
  • Lenght from midcollar : 23.228"/43 cm
  • Dimension between armpit (caluclated straight) : 17.32"/44 cm
  • Lenght Sleeves from armpit : 14.173"/36 cm
Pocket : No
Shoulderpads : No
Vent : No
Palette :  Black
Condition : Unworn
Manufacture : Germany

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