Chanel by Man Ray Trust Greeting Card of Coco with her Tweed Suit and Set in Real Tiny Pearls Gripoix in relief Rare, New!


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Marvelous 2016 greeting card Made by Man Ray Trust created from a picture of 1935 of Coco Made by Man Ray. Only the cigarette has disappeared! You will find her legendar sautoir gripoix, the earring and bracelets made with real tiny pearls gripoix, thus in relief! The fabric of her suit is also like tweed and real!
Edition exclusive for Chanel, it will really be appreciated by a fan. 

Photographer Man Ray ( Emmanuel Radnitzky ), made this portrait of Coco Chanel in 1935
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Brand : Chanel by Man Ray Trust - 2016
Model :  Coco Chanel
Color : Nacre, tweed
Condition : Unused 

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