Antique Silver Chinese Cigarette Holder Dragon

$350.00 USD
Amazing antique oriental Chinese cigarette holder in sterling silver and gems! Collectors, it will impress all your friends, as unique antique piece!
The holder is formed as a finely modeled dragons head and is set with gem eyes and a large gem to the top of it's head. The mouth piece is fitted with a suspension loop. It measures approximately 8.5 cms and weighs 10 grams.
A marvelous gift very decorative...Don't miss it!

Origin : China 
Circa : xxxx
Signature : 925
Composition : Sterling Silver 925, Gems garnet (top head, eyes of the dragons)
Palette : Silver/Rubies Red
Length : 3.346 inches or 8,5 cm
Weight : 10gr
Box : No
Condition : Excellent
Country : England?

Only 1 piece in stock!

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