BRIONI ROMA PUR GUANACO Haute Couture Men's Coat Sz54 Pur Luxe, RARE!

$2,000.00 USD $20,000.00 USD
Exceptional and rare! The most expensive Brioni long coat, Hand Made in Pure Guanaco, lined with monogrammed silk, shoulder pads, one vent and chic palette (tan)!

The guanaco, often called the wild llama: It lives in groups of around twenty individuals, made up of a dominant male and females accompanied by their young. The vicuña and the guanaco are the only two species of South American camelids still wild, the llama and the alpaca having been domesticated.

The tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and the businessman Gaetano Savini founded the Brioni House in 1945. They make handmade costumes, cashmere of high quality. They now dress men and women who appreciate the pieces with a great refinement and irreproachable

Marvelous to wear, the cut is elegant and classic, it was hand made in the best quality you can find in the world and you will use for years and years. We don't  know the exact retail but it was around $20,000.00!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Brioni Roma
Model : Classic Long Coat
Cut : Regular

Size : No indicated, check measurements below, it should be a Sz54 but it will also fit a size 52, to wear over a suit or smooking!

The measurements below may be approximate as the fabric is very supple and therefore may vary.

Distance between shoulders (calculated straigth) : 54 cm / 21.259 in
Distance between armpit (calculated Straight and flat) : 62 cm / 24.409 in
Length from midcollar) : 120 cm / 47.244 in

Composition : 100% Guanaco, 100% Monogram Satin of Silk (Lining)
Pocket : Yes (look the pics)
Vent : Yes (one)
Belt : No
Shoulder Pads : Yes
Palette : Camel, Tan
Condition : Excellent. We only found one tiny flaw in the inside side of the collar. the external side at that place is perfect and not damaged (look the 2 last pics). It will be sent dry cleaned by a professional.
Manufacture : Italy

Only 1 piece in stock!

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