CHANEL 2009 Limited Edt 1000 Ex. Musee Maillol VANITIES Skull by Karl Lagerfeld Silk Scarf 90x 90 cm, RARE!

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Incredible vanities carre designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2009 in Limited Edt!

Chanel likes the Musée Maillol exhibition: "It's life! From Caravaggio to Damien Hirst ", imagine a collaboration with Elisabeth Quin (author of the Book of Vanities) and an occasion for, a limited edition edition, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Playful idea, full of humor and elegance, which evokes Vanities and vanity, humility of the human condition to death, was she worthy of a tailor? Chanel. On a padding composed of delicately crisscrossed femurs, Gabrielle Chanel holds, like Hamlet, a character in her skin, and we tell ourselves, a look, a wink, in the book "I know ... still a little time, love, creation .... what good is vanity? I know… ".

The scarf, published in 1000 copies, was offered to the friends of Chanel House and Maillol Museum. A way for Chanel, a luxury home, to accompany the exhibition, its humor and its lesson of wisdom.

Collector's piece, rare to find, would be really nice framed to decorate your office for instance.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Chanel
Title : "Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas"
Signature : Chanel, Karl Lagereld
Note : Serie Limitee 1000 Ex
Composition : 100% Silk, Machine stitching hem
Care tag : Yes
Dimension : 90cm/35 inches square approximately
Palette: White, Blue, Rose pale
Condition : Mint
Box : No (not received)
Manufacture : Italy

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