Chanel 2009 Limited Edt 1000 Ex. Musee Maillol Vanities Skull by Karl Lagerfeld Silk Scarf 90cm NIB!

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Incredible vanities carre designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2009 in Limited Edt!

Chanel likes the Musée Maillol exhibition: "It's life! From Caravaggio to Damien Hirst ", imagine a collaboration with Elisabeth Quin (author of the Book of Vanities) and an occasion for, a limited edition edition, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Playful idea, full of humor and elegance, which evokes Vanities and vanity, humility of the human condition to death, was she worthy of a tailor? Chanel. On a padding composed of delicately crisscrossed femurs, Gabrielle Chanel holds, like Hamlet, a character in her skin, and we tell ourselves, a look, a wink, in the book "I know ... still a little time, love, creation .... what good is vanity? I know… ".

The scarf, published in 1000 copies, was offered to the friends of Chanel House and Maillol Museum. A way for Chanel, a luxury home, to accompany the exhibition, its humor and its lesson of wisdom.

Plan ahead your gifts, collector's piece, rare to find!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Chanel
Title : "Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas"
Signature : Chanel, Karl Lagereld
Note : Serie Limitee 1000 Ex
Composition : 100% Silk, Machine stitching hem
Care tag : Yes
Dimension : 90cm/35 inches square approximately
Palette: White, Blue, Rose pale
Condition : Unworn
Box : Yes (not perfect)
Manufacture : Italy

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