EMIRATES Men's First Class Sleeping Kit, New in Pochette!

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Luxurious Emirates men's First Class Kit for First Class passengers

Hydra-active Sleepwear (First Class Pyjamas)

Relax in the world’s first moisturizing sleepwear range to ever be developed for an airline, and drift off like you’re up at 40,000 feet in hydra-active sleepwear pyjamas. Designed to prevent skin dehydration, you’ll feel rested and refreshed every morning. The fabric is crafted with the use of natural ingredients – Shea Buter and Argan Oil – which are released with every motion, keeping your skin moisturized and protected.  The patented Microcapsule Technology locks in the natural benefits, allowing you to wash the pyjamas and use them again them again.


Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Emirates
Model : First Class Sleeping Kit
Gender : Men
Composition : 62% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Care and size tags : Yes
Palette : Gris Clair, Gris Foncé
Belt : Yes
Pockets : No
Box : No
Condition : Unworn, never used.


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