Hermes 1976 Black Equistrian Complete Belt sz80-84

$550.00 USD
Amazing vintage belt in black box leather with some lovely equistrian hardware and in excellent condition! Superb with a pant over a jumper, difficult to show all its beauty on the mannequin, sorry! Don't miss it and check my other belts!

Brand : Hermès 
Model : Unknown 
Circa : 1976
Blind Stamp : F in a circle
Signature : Hermès (on the leather and gold claps)
Size : 80-84 adjustable
Total length opened without buckle : 35.4"/90cm
Dimension closed first hole (longer) :33/84cm
Dimension closed last hole (smaller): 31.5"/80cm
Width : 1.2"/3cm
Composition : Box leather, plated gold24k
Palette : Black/Gold/Gold
Box : No
Condition : Excellent
Country of Manufacture : France

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