Hermes 1984 Black Box Collier de Chien Complete Belt GM Sz71

$950.00 USD

Amazing vintage HERMES belt called Collier De Chien (Dog Collar) in the collection Medor! This model is the widest one called GM (Grand Model)
Great excellent condition for its age, don't miss this opportunity! 
Plan ahead your gifts!

Brand : Hermès
Model : CDC ( Collier De Chien) GM (Grand Model)
Collection : Medor  
Circa : 1984
Size : 71  will fit for a woman size EUR 36-38, US6-8 (better us6 wearing low waist)
Signature : Hermès - Paris - Made in France (on the leather strap/ Hermes-Paris (hallmark) on the hardware), N in a circle
Composition : Box leather, PL /OR MC 24 Carat - Plated Gold 24 k
Width : 1.967 inches or 5 cm
Regulation : 5 holes
Total Length : 33.46 inches or 85 cm 
Perimeter largest : 29.13 inches or 74 cm
Perimeter middle (correspond to the size) : 27.95 inches or 71 cm
Perimeter smallest : 26.771 inches or 68 cm
Palette : Black/Gold
Box : No
Condition : Excellent vintage condition, looks incredible.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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