Hermes 1991 Dark Grey Marron L' Art des Steppes by Annie Faivre Cashmere 90cm

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Rare Hermes Scarf model L'Art des Steppes designed by Annie faivre and offered here in its cashmere PM version of 1991. Superb, don't miss it!
A steppe is a plain without trees (apart from those near rivers and lakes); it is similar to a prairie, although a prairie is generally considered as being dominated by tall grasses, while short grasses are normal in the steppe. It may be semi-desert, or covered with grass or shrubs or both, depending on the season and latitude. The term is also used to denote the climate encountered in regions too dry to support a forest, but not dry enough to be a desert.
Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : L'Art des Steppes
Artist : Annie Faivre
Issue : 1991
Signature : @ Hermès Paris 
Composition : 65% Cashmere/35%Silk
Care tag : Yes 
Palette : Dark Grey, Marron, Gris
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Manufacture : France
Condition : Excellent
Box : No
Manufacture : France

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