Hermes 2000s Bordeaux/Noir "Toile" by Sophie de Seynes Mousseline Changeante Silk Etole Stole, Mint!

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Fabulous fairy Hermes stole in muslin of silk changeante model designed by Sophie de Seynes in 2005 and called Toile

A Toile, in the design industry, is the linen prototype.

Rare and sold out everywhere, the palette is just deep and superb with its changeante effect. Sorry difficult to show.

The umbrella is not part of this sale. Thanks

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model : Toile
Artist : Sophie de Seynes
Issue : 2000s
Composition : 100% mousseline de soie/silk, hand sewed and rolled edges
Dimension : 26.77 in x 75.59 in / 68 x 192 cm approx.
Signatures : Hermès - Paris, @Hermès
Care tag : Yes 
Palette : Burgundy Red, Black Changeante
Box : No (it will be sent in a tie box)
Condition : Mint
Country : France

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