Hermes 2005 Strawberry Pluie d'Etincelles Twill 90cm

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Lovely unisex Hermes scarf called Pluie D'étincelles (rain of sparks) and designed by Wlodzimierz Kaminski in 2005
Marvelous design, it will interest a woman or a man in love with Hermès and Feux d'artifices...A real luminous and flashy world on silk!
Plan ahead your gifts!


Brand : Hermes
Model : Pluie D'Etincelles
Designer : Wlodzimierz Kaminski
Issue : 2005
Composition : 100% twill silk-soie hand sewed and rolled edges
Dimension : 35 inches/90 cm square approximately
Signatures : Hermès - Paris, @Hermès, W. K.
Sale : No
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Strawberry red Framboise, orange (contrasting hem), fuschia
Box : No
Condition : Excellent condition, it looks unworn, is lovely with plumped hem and a superb heavy silk!
Country : France

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