Hermes 2010 Red-Orange/Bordeau Fringed 100% Hand Woven Cashmere in Nepal Shawl 200 x 200 cm New!

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Pur Luxe : Huge Hermes cashmere shawl/light plaid, in 100% cashmere hand woven in Nepal using traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Unisex model, you will use in many occasions, day or night during a fresh summer evening, reading a book or watching television... Classic and timeless that you will enjoy for a long time.

Don't miss, rare and unworn, it is superbn lightn warm and very smooth.

You will find the scarf ring in another sale. It was initally sold with this splendor.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Issue : 10 years old approximately
Composition : 100% hand woven Cashmere 
Dimension : 78" x  78.74 " or 200 x 200 cm approxiamtely
Care tag : Yes
Palette :Rouge-Orange, Bordeau
Box : No (possible, please ask)
Sale : Yes (S)
Condition : Unworn
Manufacture : Nepal

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