Hermes 2013 Spinnakers Jacquard Silk Scarf-Cap Hat All Sizes New!

$0.00 USD
Superb Hermes 'Scarf Cap' Model SPINNAKERS 
Don't miss it, it amazing  and will be fantastic for a croisiere or on your boat, during the day, for shopping, on the beach, swimming pool, Car, ... Smart and coloured, it was made by Hermes using the all original scarf! 

Brand : Hermès
Model : Spinnakers
Artist: Julia Abadie
Issue: 2013
Size : U
Composition : Jacquard Silk, hand  sewn and rolled hem 
Care tag : Yes (Hermes only) 
Palette : Orange/White/Green/Black/Red/Blue
Condition : Unworn 
Box : No
Country : France

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