Hermes 2016 Pastel "Della Cavalleria" by Virginie Jamin Twill 90cm New!

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Lovely palette for this Hermes scarf, model Della Cavalleria designed by Virginie Jamin in 2016 with the signature in gold overprint (lovely, look pics!).

Naturally, the art of horsemanship features prominently in the Émile Hermès collection. Among the volumes dedicated to the subject, one of the finest and best-known is Della Cavalleria, a remarkable treatise on the art of riding, by German author Georg Engelhard von Loehneyss, who printed the work at his home in Remlingen, in Bavaria, in 1609. Featuring a wealth of wood-cuts and copper-plate engravings, the book is a veritable encyclopedia of the equestrian world, covering everything from dressage to anatomy, tournaments and festivals, accompanied by spectacular illustrations.

Inspired by the theme of metamorphosis, Virginie Jamin exploits the printmaker's delicacy of line to present a selection of bridlery pieces. Extravagant, chimeric figures – dragons, horses with serpents' bodies, and more – describe an array of bits and straps.

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Brand : Hermès
Model : Della Cavalleria
Issue : 2016
Designer : Virginie Jamin
Signature : Hermès - Paris, ©Hermès
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewed and rolled edges!
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Pink, Green, Grey, white, ... Not flashy, very delicate palette!
Dimension : 90cm/35 inches square approximately
Condition : Unworn
Box : No
Manufacture : France

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