Hermes 2017 Cavalcadour Vosges Maple Skateboard BNIB!

$5,000.00 USD

Collector's Hermes short board in Vosges Maple model Cavalcadour

Those short skate are really collecttible.  The model Zig Zag on sale on our shop doubled in value to $ 6,800 excluding fees at a Heritage Auctions sale.

About the Auctions Result of the Zig Zag Skate at Heritage Auctions.

Cavalcadour is a joyous cavalcade of reins which twist and turn like ribbons. Decorated with delicately worked fleur de lys buckles and the crown of France, they are inspired by the buckles worn by the horses of the Count of Chambord. He was the grandson of Charles X, son of the Duke of Berry and last in the line of the senior branch of the Bourbons. The designer borrowed these reins from the Emile Hermès collection and dreamt up bits and spurs while the cavalcadour equerry guided his hand.

This skateboard is the ideal transport for traveling through the urban jungle with hair blowing in the wind or for a leisurely stroll. It combines outdoor sport and ease of mobility while telling the colorful story of Hermès silk scarves. Measures 23.8" long x 7.2" wide x 3.8" high. The deck's paint pigments penetrate into the material to create a hand-painted effect by using the printing technique sublimation.

Material: Vosges Maple - Hêtre des Vosges (Made in France)

Narrow wooden skateboard, featuring alloy trucks and wheels.

Price realized to Christies in Sept. 2018 $4000 + ~30% Taxes. (see last pic).

Dimensions: L 60 x W 20.5 x H 10 cm

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Model : Short Skate Board
Design : Cavalcadour
Artist : Henri d'Origny
Dimensions : 23.8" x 7.2" x 3.8" or 60 (L) x 20,5 (W) x 10 cm (H) Approx.
Condition : Unworn
Box : Yes with Pochette Chevron (see pic). No shipping to Canada and maybe without box oversea. please contact us about it.
Original Sale Price was : $3600 + Taxes
Manufacture : France

Only 1 piece in stock!

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