Hermes 2018 Green Orange Jaguar Quetzal by Alice Shirley Twill 90cm Box!

$450.00 USD

Lovely Hermès scarf, model Jaguar Quetzal designed by Alice Shirley in 2018.

The designer was inspired by the ‘jaguar warriors’ of the Aztec army and the 'penacho' headdress that once belonged to a great Aztec ruler of the 16th century. Made from the feathers of the quetzal, a tropical bird sacred to the Aztecs and the headdress comprised over 400 plumes.

Amazing model, to collect!

Autenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : Jaguar Quetzal
Artist: Alice Shirley
Isssue: 2018
Notes : Contrasting Hem
Signature : Hermès - Paris Hermes @
Composition : 100% twill silk, hand sewn and rolled edges (superb quality of silk from the new collection)
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Orange, Rose, green, Fuchsia, ..
Dimension : 35 inches square or 90 cm square approximately
Box : Yes
Condition : Mint
Country: France


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