Hermes 2018 Yellow/Black/Gold Jaguar Quetzal Cashmere Shawl 140 New!

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Sublime unisex Hermès shawl 140 cm called Jaguar Quetzal in a superb luminous and warm palette!
The designer was inspired by the ‘jaguar warriors’ of the Aztec army and the 'penacho' headdress that once belonged to a great Aztec ruler of the 16th century. Made from the feathers of the quetzal, a tropical bird sacred to the Aztecs and the headdress comprised over 400 plumes.
Don't miss it, just fabulous and researched! 
Authenticity Guaranteed
Brand : Hermès
Model : Jaguar Quetzal
Issue : 2018
Composition : 70% cashmere, 30% silk hand sewed rolled edges
Dimension : 55 inches/140 cm square approximately
Signatures : Hermès - Paris, @Hermès
Care tag : Yes 
Palette : Jaune/Or/Black/Pink
Condition : Unworn
Box : No
Manufacture : France

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