HERMES 2022 Men's Black/Navy Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket Sz52, New! (Copie)

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Superb work on this Hermès Lambskin bomber jacket! The leather is glazed with some drawings on it mixing blue and black! Superb! It has 2 zipped pocket inside and outside, closes with a double systems of zip.

Pur luxe, it is smart and you will use in many occasions! Sorry, it was very difficult to photograph.

Authenticity Guaranteed.

Brand : Hermes  
Gender : Men
Model : Blouson Cuir Bomber
Size : 52
Care Tag : Yes
Composition : Agneau , Wool, Plyamide, please see tags, all is indicated.
Lining : Yes
Pocket : 2 inside, 2 external
Closure : Zip
Palette : Navy Blue, Black
Condition : Unworn
Country Manufacture : France


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