Hermes [39] 1999 Craie Doblis Suede POCKET BELT Texas Cow-Boy Style RARE BNWT!

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Amazing Ceinture avec poches in Veau doblis (suede), color craie. It is a kind of Belt Bag with 2 pockets..

This model is fabulous, has thus 2 zipped pockets, you will wear with jeans, pants, skirt, etc...

Unobtainable and rare model, we have another one in Black Cerf Plume!

Don't miss it!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model : Ceinture avec Poches
Issue : 1999 (C in a square)
Signature : Hermès - Paris - Made in France
Composition : Veau Doblis (daim), Metal
Size : 70
Palette : Craie, Fauve (pendant zip), Metal
Box : Yes (for Europe Only)
Condition :  Unworn with a small mark (see last pic). Box is not perfect anymore.
Retail : 1830 euros in 1999!

Country : France


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