Hermes Bois de Rose Pink Plume Allumette Handwoven in Nepal 75% Cashmere Stole GM, NIB!

$780 $1,000

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Marvelous flimsy large stole, handwoven in Nepal, ligth like a feather.. and marvelous to wear in many occasions and for all seasons! Lovely and delicate pink palette, unisex, don't miss it!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Model : Plume Allumette
Signature : Hermès _Paris
Composition : 75% Cashmere, 25% Silk
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Bois de Rose
Dimension : 95 cm x 196 cm
Condition: Unworn
Box : Yes
Sale: No
Retail : 850 euros
Manufacture : Nepal

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