HERMES EPAULETTES DE GALA [D1023.4] Vert Amande/Rose Twilly, New!

$200.00 USD

Hermes Twilly in silk (100% silk), Made in France.

Based on the Epaulettes de gala scarf design. There's no way you can take epaulettes and their ambitions lightly. Perched up there on a uniform, they cling to the shoulders of their valiant soldiers, impatient for the parade. Spread out on a silk scarf, they look each other up and down, measuring the length of their fringes, the quality of their neck, the decoration on their shoulder strap and the number of stars on their insignia: each one gets a dressing down. The competition is stiff!

Charming small silk accessory witch can be tied infinite ways, bringing a whimsical touch to your everyday look and on your handbag!

Dimensions: 5 x 86 cm

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : Epaulettes de Gala
Issue : Current
Notes : 
Signature : Hermès Paris, © HERMÈS
Composition : 100% Twill Silk
Care tag : Yes (all)
Palette : Almond Green, Pink Bonbon, Yellow
Diimension : 33 in x 2 in
Condition : Unworn
Box : Yes
Country of Manufacture : France

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