Hermes Home Green White Porcelain of Limoges PATCHWORK Set of 1 Coffee Cup & Saucer BNWTIB!!

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Rare anymore, lovely Set of 1 Hermes Coffee Cup & Saucer model Patchwork in Porcelain of Limoges, Made in France!  Unused in its box, for a fan of the "Art de la Table"! The Saucer is called Soucoupe Bourrasque and the cup Tasse Haubans. 

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Origin : France
Maker : Limoges
Brand : Hermès
Model : Patchwork (Tasse a café et soucoupe)
Signature : Hermès - Paris, Made in France, Limoges
Composition : China/Porcelaine of Limoges (France)
Palette : Blanc, Vert, Or
Box : Yes
Condition : Unused
Estimated Retail : €195
Country : France

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