HERMES (JUT100) RENDEZ-VOUS GALANT Silk Scarf 70 x 70 cm, BNIB!

$399.00 USD

Lovely Scarf in silk with hand-rolled edges (100% silk), model Rendez-vous Galant

This 70 scarf format is light and easy to wear, Made in France, Designed by Ugo Bienvenu

A strange scene is playing out here, in the comic-strip world that inhabits Ugo Bienvenu's imagination, midway between reality and futuristic fantasy. An American diner provides the setting, nestled in a luxuriant landscape in which cars appear to have been replaced by horses. Our charming hero has come to the aid of a young lady who has got lost on the way to a ball in the half-light of a solar eclipse, enveloping the scene in an aura of mystery. The future is bright for romance.

Measures 27.5" x 27.5" | As this scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.

Authenticity guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Note : Contrasting Hem
Signature : Hermès - Paris, © Hermès
Care tag : Yes (all)
Palette : Blue, Green, Vibrant Yellow
Condition : Unworn
Box : Yes

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