Hermes Natural Leather and Touareg Sterking Silver Medallion choker

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Smart and fabulous Unisex Necklace - Choker/Collier Ras de Cou Made by the touareg. Each piece is hand hammered and thus unique! 
You can offer it to a man as this model is very "sobre" and unisex!
Don't miss it because it is a fantastic jewel, precious and modern!
Plan ahead your gifts!

Brand : Hermes
Model : Touareg
Signature : Hermes (claps), hallmarked on the mediallion
Size : All sizes
Composition : Rope of leather (courroie), Sterling Silver 925
Palette : Natural/Shiny Silver
Sale : No
Box : No 
Condition : Very good, the rope is clean and looks perfect, the claps also even if you see wome scratches with the macro mode of the camera and the medallion shows som signs and tiny marks but it should come also from the hand hammering and thus it is superb!
Country : France, Niger

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