Hermes Orange Poppy Mysore Goatskin AGENDA SIMPLE GM COVER 1 PIN BNWTIB!

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Hermes Couverture agenda GM Simple in Chevre Mysore with 1 Pin for the refill and 2 inside Pockets. Marvelous palette!

Couverture d'agenda en chèvre Mysore, une épingle pour la recharge et deux poches intérieures. Dimensions : L 9,5 x H 13,2 cm

Mysore : As its name – borrowed from a southern Indian town – suggests, the raw hide comes from India. It is recognizable by its unique grain, obtained through boarding. This consists of rolling the leather against itself, grain against grain, to guide the grain. This can be done in a single direction to obtain fine lines or in several different directions.
First appeared in the collections: 1990s
Appearance: Irregular but harmonious grain; slight shine that reveals all the natural features of goatskin
Feel: Fairly dry; softens with time
Hand: Supple
Change over time: Becomes more supple and satiny

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model : Couverture Agenda GM Simple
Composition : Chevre Mysore
Dimension : 3.7" x 5.2" or 9,5 x 13,2 cm
Palette : Orange Poppy
Box : Yes
Condition : Unused
Estimated Retail : €334
Manfacture : France

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