Hermes Papier Special Issue for the Year of The Sun in 1994 Pop Up Wish Card CARPE DIEM Rare!

$120.00 USD
Rare superb Pop Up wish card folded by Didier Boursin and specialy created for the Year of the sun in 1994, model CARPE DIEM
Edition exclusive and limted, the sun is also in relief! Don't miss it, it will enjoy for sure a fan of Hermes and a colletorr of cards.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model :  Carpe Diem 
Plaige : Didier Bousin
Collection ; Printemps - Ete 1994
Issue : Anne du Soleil 1994
Color : coquille d'oeuf (eggshell), Bleu, Or
Condition : Unused 

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