Hermes Shiny Sterling Silver 925 Rodeo Ring GM with Tiny Flaw

$0.00 USD
Fabulous and impressive unisex ring Made in  France by  Hermes  called Rodeo GM
It's an incredible model you can wear of différents ways and also on your little finger, unisex, as a signet ring and even as a lovely pendant!
Superb design, it will be your "porte-bonheur" and a marvelous gift!
It will be sent with its original box
Plan ahead your gift!

Brand : Hermes
Circa : 2004 (sold out)
Model : Rodeo GM (Grand Modèle)
Retail : $720
Signature : Hermès - AG 925 - Size
Composition : Sterling Silver hallmark
Palette : Shiny Silver
Sale : No
Box : No
Condition : Unworn but has a tiny tiny chip
Country: France

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