Hermes Sterling Silver AG 925 Touareg Belt Buckle H 32mm

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Fabulous Hermès buckle H Made in Niger in Sterling Silver! Incredible model Touareg, each piece is unique and hand hammered, real collector's piece!
Very difficult to find alone, this model is for a strap of 32mm (regular size).
Just fantastic, plan ahead your gifts!

The leather strap is not included. Thank you!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Line : Touareg
Model : H (for a strap of 32mm)
Signature : Hermès (hallmark)
Composition : Sterling Silver 925
Dimension : 6 x 4 cm
Palette : Shiny Silver
Box :  Pochette chevron
Condition : Excellent
Manufacture : Niger, France

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