Hermes White Green Axis Mundi by Christine Henry Pleated Plisse Twill 90cm NIB!

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Lovely Hermès scarf Plissé, Made in France, model Axuis Mundi designed in 1999 by Christine Henry and offered here in its pleated issue (exact date unknown).

For the world to turn there must be an axis, and this is supplied by the oak, whose sap rises like a song from the earth to be answered by the murmuring winds. About it turn the seasons; Spring, whose strain are the lyre; Summer, buzzing with a thousand suns; Autumn, heavy with all its abundance; and Winter, who disrobes herself under the control of Janus, the two-faced God. One face looks to the future, where there sparkles the promise of renewal.’

Fantastic and fairy scarf, superb palette, don't miss it!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : Axis Mundi
Signature : Hermès Paris, ©Hermès
Artist : Christine Henry
Issue : xxxx
Note :
Composition : 100% Pleated PlisseTwill silk, hand sewed rolled edges
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Blanc, Vert
Dimension : 35 inches or 90 cm approximately
Condition : Unworn
Box : Yes
Sale : Yes (s)
Manufacture : France



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