HERMES Zen au Soleil Terry Beach Towel 90 x 150, New!

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Superb thick Beach Towel model  Tapis de plage GM in 100% Terry Cotton! Marvelous heavy quality, impressive item, you will use to go swim, on your boat, in your home or Guest house!

Artist Gianpaolo Pagni used 4 stamps to create this design that is all curves and straight lines, forming imaginary, funny, expressive faces set against brightly-colored backgrounds. He drew inspiration from the pictures we liked to draw in the sand with a rake as children, or still do now in carefully-sculpted zen gardens that promote meditation and contemplation. You can just picture yourself sitting peacefully, zen in the sunshine.

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Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermes
Model : Zen au Soleil GM
Composition : 100% Cotton Terry Cloth - Eponge
Dimension : 90 x 150 cm
Signature : Hermès - Paris
Care Tag : Yes
Palette : Jaune, Caramel
Box : No
Condition : Unused
Country : France

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