Marcel Boucher Late 1955 Art Brut "Mineraux" Poured Glass Numbered Clip on Earrings, Mint!

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Lovely vintage clip on earrings made by Marcel Boucher after 1955, raw model Minerals made with poured Glass. Superb!

Born in Paris, Marcel Boucher worked as a jewelry designer for Cartier, who brought him to the United States. In the 1930s, he took a job with Mazer Bros., where he worked until he founded his own company in 1937. Boucher made a name for himself creating bold, imaginative, enameled pieces that were individual works of art, with brooches shaped like fruits, animals, and human figures. In particular, collectors covet for his fantasy bird pieces from the 1940s. Boucher items, which are usually signed, can be roughly dated based on their inventory number and mark. In 1944, he changed the company name from Marcel Boucher Ltd. to Marcel Boucher & Cie. Early pieces may be marked “Marboux” or with his initials in a cartouche. “MB Sterling” was used between 1942 and 1944. Pieces made between 1944 and 1949 may be marked with a Phrygian cap above his initials. Later pieces are marked “Marcel Boucher” or “Boucher.” After 1955, the copyright symbol appears before his name. When Marcel Boucher died in 1965, his wife, Sandra, took over the company. In 1972, the company became a subsidiary of watchmaker Dovorn Industries.

Great artist, it will enjoy a fan of vintage jewelry!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Artist : Marcel Boucher
Model : Minerals
Circa : Late 1955 (between 1955 and 1965)
Signature : @Boucher, Numbered (see pic)
Composition : Plated Gold, Poured Glass (cristal?)
Diameter :   1 in / 2,5 cm
Palette : Emerald green
Original Box : No (a vintage Zippo blue box was received with it, see last pic)
Condition : Mint
Country : France

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