Rhodonite Dark Rose Anti Stress Natural Stone Manchette Bracelet Wide NWT!

$65.00 USD

Lovely Manchette bracelet in natual stone of Rhodonite that has many virtues. The palette looks ancient and is a kind of dark pink. It is elasticated and would make a nice little gift.

Rhodonite is adorned with many virtues in lithotherapy. It would be a balancing, protective and restorative stone. Balancing, it calms stress, especially during exams, and overflows of emotions; it would regulate the heart rate and activate the heart chakra.

La rhodonite est parée de nombreuses vertus en lithothérapie. Ce serait une pierre équilibrante, protectrice et réparatrice. Equilibrante, elle calmerait le stress, notamment en période d'examen, et les trop-pleins d'émotions ; elle régulerait le rythme cardiaque et activerait le chakra du cœur.

Authenticity Guaranteed.

Model : Manchette montée sur Elastique Large
Circa : 1990s
Signature : xxxx
Composition : Rhodonite
Palette : Dark rose
Box : No
Tag : Yes
Condition : Unworn
Country : xxxx


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