Hermes Bleu Jeans/Rose Vif/Marine Cosmographia Universalis by Jan Bajtlik Twill scarf Box_

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Marvelous Hermes silk scarf model Cosmographia Universalis by Jan Bajtlik in the best palette_

Collectors' scarf, don't miss i!

Sebastian Münster was a cartographer, historian, astronomer, mathematician and scholar of Hebrew. His work, Cosmographia Universalis, was first published in Germany in 1544 and became one of the most widely-read books of the 16th century. When Jan Bajtlik discovered an original edition of the book in a library in Poland, he was fascinated by its vision of a world made up of myths and legends. His scarf depicts an imaginary landscape that combines architecture with fauna and flora. Taking the seahorses, sea monsters and pyramids of the Cosmographia as his models, he creates a dreamlike world teeming with extraordinary beasts.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Brand : Hermès
Title : Cosmographia Universalis
Signature : Hermès Paris, ©Hermès
Artist : Jan Bajtlik
Issue : 2019
Composition : 100% Twill silk, hand sewed rolled edges
Care tag : Yes
Palette : Jean Blue, Vibrant Pink, Navy.
Dimension : 35 inches or 90 cm approximately
Condition : Mint
Box : Yes
Manufacture : France

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